“Even if it's such a short notice, Tim Mannix accommodated our event and I couldn't be happier that he performed at my daughter's first birthday. He kept everyone entertained, the kids especially and all the kids at heart! He is such a delight to watch and his timing with his magic tricks and jokes gave everyone a great day. Up until now, all are still talking about his performance at my daughter's party. Thanks, Tim Mannix!”

–Anne M.

"When you look up comedian, magician, PROFESSIONAL, the name Tim Mannix should be there! If laughter, high spirits and an occasional wink at irony are your game, he's your man. Always a hit, he's GREAT, with kids… of all ages…especially the over 30 crowd. Tim is a wonderful entertainer and a gentleman, to boot!

–Daphne Marina

“I've been to numerous birthday parties -- seen a lot of entertainers -- but you topped them all. The parents were just as thrilled as the kids. The time flew by. The children were mesmerized. Thanks a million!”

–Megan Rush Mayer

“A lot of people can do magic, but you've got the gift. You were VERY entertaining!”

–Mike Taylor

“Watching and listening to the kids roar with laughter was great!!”

–Lisa Lainer

“It's like a Disney movie where the parents get to enjoy it as much as the kids!”

–Helane Harward

“With so many choices out there for party entertainment no one has ever put our mind at ease the way Tim did. He was on time, organized, funny, and entertaining and was able to handle surprises. A whole bunch of sugared-up, hyper 7-year-olds were rapt for the entire hour. Best magic show for kids I've ever seen!”

–Sasha Stone

“What a wonderful party we had with Tim Mannix as our magician.  My children loved it, their friends loved it, and all the grown-ups loved it.  He's very entertaining, very spontaneous, and very age appropriate, yet he's able to include everybody.  Basically, I was very satisfied with the entire experience from the time we signed up online to the end of the show. If you're looking for a wonderful party for your children or even grown-ups, call Tim Mannix! ”

–Tally Markowicz

“All of the children are still talking about it. It was incredible that you were able to keep twenty 2- to 6-year-old children completely engrossed and entertained for a full hour. Now that is magic!”

 –Diane Tanner

“Anyone who can keep 20 eight-year-old boys spellbound, transfixed and entertained for an hour is truly a 'magician'.”

–John & Sue Pascoe

“You must hear it all the time, but your show is one of the rare birthday shows that entertains parents just as well as kids!”

–Nina Zerman

“Thanks so much again for a GREAT birthday party gift. My daughter loved it. Everyone one of those parents actually asked for a business before they left. It's nice to get something AS advertised. I've been to a number of magician birthday parties...they try to be high-energy, but it's kind of forced and you're just so natural at it!”

–Ron Petruccione

“You made my son feel like a Prince for a day. It's a fabulous show. I give your magic talent a 10!”

–Rita Lee

“My 5-year-old daughter loved the show. She was thrilled to be such a big part of the performance. My husband laughed hysterically throughout the performance. Tim had a perfect balance between adult & child humor. I wouldn't hire any other magician!”

–Patricia Benson

“Magic is not just in the trick, but in the eyes of the kids watching. Twenty kids with open jaws and sparkling eyes is what we had for an hour at our house. Thank you for a great day!”

–Mary Anne Been

“The entire show is phenomenal! Tim is an amazing entertainer. He is able to grasp both kids and adults attention and awe.”

 –Natalia Pedrani