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Tell Me About Adventures in Reading

Seasoned performer Tim Mannix uses his extraordinary presentation skills to weave an exhilarating and captivating performance that paints a picture of excitement and appreciation for reading and books. It's called Adventures in Reading.

Now you can explore the magic of books on a unique reading safari with your host, Ed Venture. Yes, FINALLY – there’s a reading show that's really about READING - and one that's packed with a boatload of fun!

If you’ve been searching for an assembly show that gets kids excited and passionate about reading, Adventures in Reading is the show for you! Your students will catch Tim’s obsession because it’s contagious.

Adventures in Reading is not another thinly disguised magic or puppet show that briefly mentions books. Instead, it's a highly energetic, motivational program that's received rave reviews from countless teachers and librarians. During the zany 40-minute reading safari, our hero, Ed Venture, helps students discover that reading leads to many rewards, including better retention, enhanced language skills, better test scores and improved imagination. Yes, it seems that if you want to do better in school, READING, even for pleasure, can and will create better outcomes.


As a child, I was lucky, I developed an early interest in reading that was primarily due to my boyhood fascination with magic. Magic instantaneously gave me a subject matter that was motivating and fun for me to explore. Soon afterward, I discovered the public library and its treasure trove of magic books. Armed with a newfound horde of magic books, I encountered the experience of getting lost in a book. Personally, I believe every child should get the opportunity to experience the phenomenon of being transported to another world in the pages of a good book. That single experience can create an indelible imprints on kids thus creating lifelong readers.

When books and magic are combined students start to see the library in a whole new way. They learn that all books are filled with adventures, secrets and magic. Your students will discover that the secret to anything can be found in a book. Books make dreams come true.

Many students are surprised to learn that it’s very likely that their favorite movie started as a book. That’s the way Hollywood works. Movie producers read books and then turn the books into movies. In The Magic Bookshelf reading assembly, your students will giggle, cheer and beg to participate on stage as some of the world’s best children’s books are turned into amazing and funny magic tricks. Everyone knows that reading is magic, but when a child’s eyes light up when they find books that are perfect for them, something more than magic happens, they are set on a lifelong journey of exploration and knowledge.

“I really enjoyed the content, we had great feedback from staff, students and teachers alike! Thank you for coming to our school I am confident that our students will pursue books this week!”

- Jaime Stiansen, PTA, Hoffman Elementary, Running Springs, CA

Classic Books and Modern Masterpieces that are 100% Fun!

The collection of books featured in Adventures in Reading sometimes changes but these books are proven favorites:·

  • The Cat in the Hat
  • The Houdini Box
  • The Red Balloon
  • The Snake Charmer
  • Snowflake Bentley
  • Probuditi!
  • Burp
  • Stink, The World's Worst Super Stinky Sneaker
  • The Guinness Book of World Records
  • TIME for Kids: The Big Book of Why
  • Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book
  • The Book of Potentially Dangerous Science Experiments

“The Adventures in Reading school show was awesome and students were engaged the whole time. He did a great job and was very professional and entertaining. The students are still talking about it. Thank you so much!”

- Maureen Trainor, Teacher, Kelley Elementary, Riverside, CA

Airhead Rudy

Is also featured in the show,  a goofy but cautionary tale about what occurs when you don’t read enough. It’s a proven and though-provoking story that teachers and educators and librarians give a thumbs-up to.


Kids learn about:

  • Authors·
  • Title pages
  • Story parts (beginning, middle, end)
  • Genres
  • Where authors get ideas
  • Settings, characters, conflicts, resolutions
  • Fiction, non-fiction, instructional, informative, historical fiction, biographies, hobbies and crafts, and more!

“If someone was considering bringing you in as a presenter I would ask – “What is to consider?” just do it. Tim does not leave a margin for disappointment. 

His shows are engaging and fun for all age groups. 
Our library had a fantastic time and we are already looking forward to next summer.” 

As soon as the show was over, you were the talk of the town. I had several elementary school teachers here and was able to pass your information along. I have even had patrons come in today (the day following the show) talking about how they were bragging to family members and friends about the show. The Chowchilla Library loves that you are punctual and efficient and that people are so entertained that we definitely want you back. JOB WELL DONE MR. MANNIX!!!!” 

- Amanda Judd, Branch Manager, Chowchilla Branch Library

Pricing for Assemblies

We give a discount for same-day, same location assemblies. Many schools often require MORE than ONE assembly due to space restrictions. We travel all over the State of California presenting our educational school programs, so the price includes travel & accommodations.

Program PRICING:

  • $795 for a single assembly
  • $1,295 for TWO assemblies
  • $ 1,695 for THREE assemblies

Typically the shows work best as a daytime school assembly program occurring during the standard school day.

Based on your location, travel restrictions or additional fees may apply.

Phone Numbers: (559) 790-3207 and (323) 382-3334